Earlier last year, and along with other award recipients, Michel was honoured in May with the Canadian Association of Research Administrator’s Community Builder Award. Following this, on October 21st, Michel was nominated by MPI Ottawa chapter as Planner of Year and came finalist. Michel’s work has won the respect of colleagues, and the community. As one committee leader said in recommending Michel for the award: “Michel has consistently proven to be there when you need him to be. Even though he works tirelessly around the clock on various projects, he makes sure to check on others. His managing style has personally led me to be better in my role. He continuously encourages me to take bigger roles in our committee." Michel got nominated earlier this year by Faces Magazine Ottawa for their 2022 Awards, and was honoured officially on February 1st, 2022 as Ottawa's Best Event Planner. His association frequently receives unsolicited feedback from people across Canada noting how he has helped them, created an impactful new program, and enhanced their professional lives.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and celebrate our great team member, Michel Kafrouny, VEMM, HVED. We are thrilled to see him receive this much-deserved recognition and thank him again for the wonderful events he runs for CARA!